Hearing Aid Batteries

There are 2 main types of hearing aid batteries; rechargeable and disposable zinc-air. Zinc air batteries are ‘air-activated’ which means they are inactive until a color coded label is peeled off from the back. Once the battery is exposed to oxygen it becomes activated and will gradually drain, with or without use.  Rechargeable batteries are not disposable and will last a year or longer. They do require daily ‘recharging’. The daily life expectancy of a battery will depend on the amount of time the hearing aid device is worn, and, as is the case with newer technology, the amount of Bluetooth streaming.

As hearing aids come in different sizes and styles the battery sizes will vary as well. The 4 sizes of hearing aid batteries sized from smallest to largest; 10, 312, 13 and 675. As stated above, each zinc- air battery is color coded to make them easier to identify. Size 10 batteries have a yellow label, 312 have a brown label, 13 have an orange label and 675 have a blue label. Rechargeable batteries are not color coded.

If you feel that you are experiencing problems with your hearing aid or battery life, be sure to contact your Audiologist to troubleshoot any issues.