Hearing Protection

It is a well known fact that exposure to loud noises can contribute to hearing loss and the longer the exposure time, the greater the risk of hearing impairment. Here is a short list of common noises and their sound pressure level dB(A):

Airplane taking off – 140 dB
Club/Concert – 110 – 125 dB
Sirens – 100 – 120 dB
Lawnmower – 100 dB
Street traffic – 95 dB
Piano – 85 dB
Vacuum cleaner – 70 dB
Normal conversational speech – 60 dB
Living room – 40 dB
Woodland/Forest – 15 dB

It is therefore important to utilize some form of ear protection when exposed to ongoing loud noises. There are various types of ear protection available, some disposable/OTC and others that are custom molded. These custom molded earplugs or personalized hearing protection can be more effective in preventing hearing loss versus the disposable products. As the shape of the ear is unique to every individual an impression/casting of the ears is taken and sent to an earmold manufacturer for the custom molds to be created. This process ensures the best fit and the maximum benefit of the ear pieces. The entire process from impression to fitting is approximately 10 days.