Tinnitus is the perception of subjective ringing or noises in the ears. It is a very common problem and affects about 1 in 5 people. It can vary in terms of frequency and intensity and often has no specific etiology. It is however a symptom of other underlying conditions such as hearing loss, injury to the ear, impacted cerumen, cardiovascular/circulatory issues, certain medications, noise exposure... 

Tinnitus may be short-lived and just go away on its own, but for the vast majority that is not the case and can cause a great deal of anxiety and distress. 

Sadly there is no specific 'cure' for tinnitus - nothing can repair the underlying cause, but there are many treatments to lessen the emotional and psychological impact. It has often been demonstrated that utilizing a hearing aid can help reduce the awareness of tinnitus in some patients. And with some of the newer hearing aid technologies the combination of amplification AND tinnitus therapy has proven to be very helpful.

For successful tinnitus management, patients should contact their audiologist or healthcare provider to implement a treatment plan.